Friday, 19 October 2018

A Tribute To Our Friend Harry Jackson

DC Editor Adam writes…

Harry Jackson larking about in headgear
Some very sad news this morning - our friend and London Walks colleague Harry Jackson has passed away. He had been unwell for quite some time but his death was sudden and a shock to us all.

Harry you were one of those fellas who, when I saw you coming toward me along the road, I always thought to myself: "Oh good! It's him!" 

A scabrous remark, a joke, a story, always with a warm humanity.  You illuminated me on everything from politics to RML Routemasters to the comparative merits of The Dennisons vs The Mojos (I never met a bigger Merseybeat expert). 

Karen & I will never forget your kindness to us as both a guide & a friend and how you always asked after our daughter Isobella by name. 

Whenever I walked along Whitechapel, your London Walks stomping ground, even when you were around, it always reminded me of you. And it always will. So when I walk along Whitechapel from now on, I will never walk alone. 

Thanks Harry. Rest in peace, pal x

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