Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Freedom of London

DC Editor Adam writes…

Peace and quiet right in the middle of London.

Okay, not Cotswolds/Highlands/top-of-a-mountain peace and quiet.

More like peace and quiet to do as you please. Freedom might be a better word. London is the place for that.

An example… at Halloween a few years back I was looking for a place to make my transformation from mild-mannered guide of the respectable Kensington walk into wild and woolly walker of the Ghost trail in the old City. 

Translation: I had to get my face on.

Yet every loo, every vestibule, every corner seemed locked, out of bounds or out-of-order.

The solution? Simple. I merely sat down in the middle of a crowded coffee emporium on Fleet Street and slapped on my ghostly face right there amid my coffee-slurping, muffin-munching fellow Londoners.

Did I attract so much as a second glance?

As if.

Londoners have seen EVERYTHING. 

The sight of a grown man applying white and green makeup over a latte? It's going to take more than THAT to phase a Londoner.

The amount of space, the acreage of peace and quiet that this attitude creates, in which one can indulge in mild eccentricities for which one would be lynched in Newcastle or Reading or Prissy-on-the-Wold, is worth its weight in gold.

Peace and quiet. In Europe’s biggest city. London is a fireworks display of such surprises.

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