Friday, 30 November 2018

Happy St Andrew's Day

DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

Happy St Andrew's Day! Here are a few London Scots to help you celebrate…

The Poet: Robert Burns in Embankment Gardens

The Champion: I post this pic all the time and NEVER tire of it! 'mon Andy! 

The Writer: Plaque for RLS in Hampstead

The Warrior: Stuffy Dowding, RAF Fighter Command born in Moffat

The Fashionista: Glasgow-born founder of Carnaby Street as the 60s go-to shopping street for men 

The Tour Guide: The Daily Constitutional's Editor!

My Public Scheduled Tours for December 2019

5th December – Old Kensington – 2pm High Street Kensington Tube

5th December – Jack The Ripper – 7.30pm Tower Hill Tube (by the tram)

6th December – Rock'n'Roll London – 2pm Tottenham Court Road Tube (exit 1)

7th December – Marylebone – 2pm Bond Street Tube

7th December – London Horror Story – 7.30pm St Paul's Tube

19th December – Old Kensington – 2pm High Street Kensington Tube

19th December – Jack The Ripper – 7.30pm Tower Hill Tube (by the tram)

20th December – Rock'n'Roll London – 2pm Tottenham Court Road Tube (exit 1)

21st December – London Horror Story – 7.30pm St Paul's Tube

23rd December – A Village In Piccadilly – 2.30pm Piccadilly Circus Tube (by Eros)

26th December – Jack The Ripper – 7.30pm Tower Hill Tube (by the tram)

27th December – Hidden London – 11am Monument Tube (Fish Street Hill Exit)

28th December – London Horror Story – 7.30pm St Paul's Tube

28th December – The Beatles & Bob Dylan In 1960s London – 10am Temple Tube

30th December – A Village In Piccadilly – 2.30pm Piccadilly Circus Tube (by Eros)

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

A Street Near You - Mapping The War Dead of 1914-18

DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

This post starts with a shout-out to my fellow student Ulrika on the Westminster guiding course 2018/19 for sharing the most vivid database A Street Near

In this the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, A Street Near You serves as a powerful reminder of the scale of the carnage.

Enter your postcode or address into the search box at and an annotated map of your neighbourhood appears. The family homes of those killed in the conflict are marked. Lots of them.

On the street where I live in East Finchley seven young men perished.

Seven family stories were changed forever.

In a street that is barely 400 yards long.

Two years ago in our little street, the neighbours organised a street party. A splendid affair it was, too. They had been inspired by a photo from the early 1900’s showing the children gathered together. Our own 21st Century children recreated the pic for the local paper. 

Here’s the original…

In their caps and bonnets, they seem to be in their Sunday best. I’m always drawn to the little boy on the left of the main group, standing slightly apart. Looks like he doesn’t want to get too close to the yucky girls. In the centre of the main group the young chap in the cap strikes an attitudinous figure, hand on hip, mouth open. Is he shouting out orders? To the right of him, at the back of the group also in a cap, head cocked slightly, this fellow seems to be suspicious of the whole affair.

I wonder now, having looked at A Street Near You if any of those three children lived to see Christmas 1918?

Thanks to James Morley for putting the site together. It is an amazing piece of work. If you would like to donate to the upkeep of A Street Near You visit or go directly to Mr Morley’s PayPal link HERE

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Rolling Stones – Beggar's Banquet At 50

DC Editor Adam writes…

The question I'm asked most often on my London Music Tours is "Can you recommend a good book?"

And so My Back Pages (named for the 1965 Bob Dylan song) was launched last November.

Episode one deals with Andrew Loog Oldham's Stoned and its sequel 2Stoned.

Episode two takes a look at the 1970s part-work The Story of Pop and after that I'll deal with The Beatles, John Harris, nerdy reference books and more!

Drop me a line with all your suggestions!

Next week I'm greatly looking forward to leading the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary of Beggar's banquet tour with London Music Heritage - there are still a few tickets left.

Book now via Eventbrite…and keep up with London Music Heritage on Facebook.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Social Media in The Olden Days

DC Editor Adam writes…

As regular readers will know, The Daily Constitutional has undergone something of a revamp of late to celebrate its 10th birthday – I have been editing and writing this blog since October 2008. Happy birthday to me!

Since then, young reader, I have seen some changes, let me tell you.

When I first started blogging, social media was in something of a fluid state and whenever I heard of a new platform to spread the word of my blog I would hop on board. I was digging around in the archive today when I came across my old post footer with all the social media icons - there's still a similar parade of icons at the bottom of each post today. Can you spot the difference…

So first of all, today's icons (below) are hand-drawn rather than taken from a template. But what are the icons second and third from the left all about?

Here's a closer look…

Does anyone remember Bebo? In the days of yore, Bebo was just one social media app vying for our clicks. It had a white board for drawing and facilities for sharing pics and was HUGE in Ireland - at one point it was the most visited site there. The platform was sold to AOL in March 2008 for $850million -a deal described by the BBC soon after as "one of the worst ever made in the dotcom era."

By 2010 we had all moved to Facebook, but at the height of its popularity Bebo even overtook MySpace as the No.1 social media site here in the UK.

Which leads us to the question: Alright granddad, what was MySpace?

Between 2006 and 2009, MySpace was the largest social media site in the world. It's still up and running, but has become something of the ghost town of the social media world. Typing its name into Google yielded the following question…

… which pretty much sums it up.

An article from The Guardian earlier this year (2008) paints a lonely, and not a little creepy picture, with one user stating…

“It’s almost like I’ve taken over a dead site,” he said, noting that at least women did not block him or remove his comments any more. “I think it’s funny. I’ll leave comments and messages for girls who haven’t been on there for years.”

A few weeks ago I was chatting with my daughter (who is 11) about music. I was interested in how she listens and where she finds new music. The topic of the Top 40 came up. I told her that, from the age of about 10 to the the time I was nearly 17 I loved to "tape the charts off the radio" (meaning illegally record the top forty on to a cassette) and she just gave me a blank look.

It was the same blank look I gave my dad when he talked about newsreels at the cinema.

It's funny to think that we've already reached this stage with social media. If I'd said to my daughter, "I've just changed my skin on Bebo," she'd probably think I'd gone off my head.

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Monday, 26 November 2018

The Monday Photoblog… London In Black

DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

Monday is ALMOST mute here on The Daily Constitutional. I always launch the week with a few London photos, grouped on a theme or neighbourhood.

Black Friday? Black Friday weekend (!?)? Nah, mate, it's Monday and here are a few bits of London noir…

A black cat mural on a pet shop at Archway – along the route taken by Dick Whittington and his cat when they turned again

A camel on the Egyptian-flavoured Embankment

Travelling black in time

The old Daily Express building on Fleet Street – The Black Lubyanka as nicknamed by Private Eye magazine after the HQ of the KGB 

Black beer in Soho

Looks like a baddie's car from a 60s thriller down Lambeth way

Black Plaque
Black doors in Adam Street – black brick, too

The Monday Photoblog will return next week. In the meantime, if you'd like to share a London photo with us, please do! Perhaps you joined Karen or Adam on a tour and snapped a a great shot. Drop us a line.

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