Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Metropolitan Police Stables In Great Scotland Yard

DC Editor Adam writes…

Out and about this morning in Whitehall with my fellow students on the Westminster Guiding Course 2018/19.

A lovely, sunny morning and a fascinating time listening to my classmates presenting their research on this historic part of town.

At every stop I was reminded of the actor Michael Caine and his remark that Whitehall was "Just extraordinarily dull" (!). Wake up Michael! Or join the Westminster Guiding Course!

For my part in the morning's activities I researched and presented Great Scotland Yard, with specific emphasis on the Metropolitan Police stables.

The name Scotland Yard is, of course, synonymous with the policing of Greater London. The Metropolitan Police was founded there in 1829 and has taken the Scotland Yard name to three different London locations since leaving Whitehall in 1890.

So the Long Arm Of The Law has long since left Great Scotland Yard - but The Long Face Of the Law, in the shape of police horses (and I was surprised that my tutor didn't mark me down for that painful wisecrack) remain in the spiritual home of London policing.

Here's a video from the Met's Behind The Badge YouTube channel describing the day-to-day running of the stables…

Over the past couple of weeks I have chatted to a number of officers at Great Scotland Yard, and they have been very helpful. The old adage of "if in doubt, ask a policeman" has certainly been ringing true for me of late.

I've been introduced to Henry, the sturdy cat who keeps the stable's rodent population to a minimum. He's a Battersea rescue cat and is clearly held in some high esteem at Great Scotland Yard – one officer said, "Henry? He's the best of us".

Indeed in the list posted outside the stable every night to inform the fire brigade how many animals are in the building in the event of fire, Henry is the only one listed by name…

And then on Friday, on my final recce before my presentation, I witnessed a guard of honour for an officer who was leaving Great Scotland Yard after 15 years of service…

It's an absolute hive of activity in Great Scotland Yard – and that's before we've even considered the history that stretches back to King Kenneth III of Scotland in the 10th Century.

Thanks to all the Metropolitan Police officers who took the time to chat with this nosey tour guide!


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