Saturday, 17 November 2018

Is It Too Early For Christmas Shopping?

DC Editor Adam writes…

I do hope regular and long-standing readers of The Daily Constitutional are enjoying my relaunched and re-jigged blog.

I am aiming to keep a few of the traditional regular features in place – The Monday Photoblog being a good example.

Another of The Daily Constitutional's traditions is the annual Christmas Shopping series - posts about top shops on or near the routes of my walking tours. So with six weeks (!) to go, here's a little preview of the sort of thing we'll be getting up to with my Christmas shopping posts this year. It's a little film I put together last year when I spent a lovely morning in South Kensington nosing around the museum shops for gifts and ideas. I enjoyed a warm welcome at The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and The V&A.

Here it is…

Any tips for museum shopping? Get in touch! Email me at the usual address.

Keep In Touch…


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