Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Lord's - The Moving Cricket Ground

DC Editor Adam writes…

Today I enjoyed a terrific guided tour of Lord's cricket ground in St John's Wood. I'll report back soon with a full review of the experience (and how to book your own tour), but one of the most fascinating aspects of Lord's history is that it has moved

There is a plaque for the Second Lord's Cricket Ground on Park Road NW8

Lord’s is the home of cricket and the permanent location of The Ashes trophy. Regardless of whether it is England or Australia that emerges victorious from The Ashes series, the original trophy, an urn with (legend has it) the ashes of English cricket which, according to The Sporting Times of 1882, “Died At The Oval on 29th August 1882” following a defeat by the touring Australians, remains (no pun intended) in London.

Lord’s current location in St John’s Wood is the third location of the famous old cricket ground. Named for its founder, one Thomas Lord, the first ground was where we can now find Dorset Square.

The second location – or The Middle Ground as aficionados have it – was situated some 250 yards to the southeast of the current Lord’s. It was only there for about two years when Lord's moved yet again to make way for the Regent's Canal. The plaque is on Park Road.

The MCC is the Marylebone Cricket Club, founded at the original Lord’s in 1787. Until 1993 the MCC governed world cricket. Today it is seen as the custodian of the (often labyrinthine) rules of the game and keeper of the flame of the spirit of cricket.

Find the plaque at Park Road NW8…

Thanks to Road at Lord's for a fantastic tour! Full review to follow soon.

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