Friday, 16 November 2018

Why Ghosts?

DC Editor Adam writes…

"So how did you come to be leading walking tours in London?"

One of my favourite things about leading walking tours is having a natter with our London walkers as we go along.

They are always chatty, lively, good company and, crucially, curious. And they often ask me, "So how did you come to be leading tours for London Walks?"

Some time ago, on my Ghosts of the Old City tour, the question was more specific: Why THIS tour? Why ghosts? What has attracted me, a grown man, to the weird world of ghost hunting after dark in London?

I had a three word answer… 


Here's a ninety second film on why I love to lead ghosts walks…

I made the film a while ago - complete with the line "I'm not a trained guide"

Well I'm hoping that's all going to change come next spring - regular readers will know that I am currently taking (and loving) the Westminster Guiding Course attempting to get my Westminster Badge. In fact before tomorrow's ghost tour I'll be with my student colleagues in the National Portrait Gallery and in Covent Garden all day. 

So will I still be leading ghost tours if I qualify as a badge-wearing guide? Reader, I hope to be leading them until I die… maybe even after that, too.

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