Monday, 24 December 2018

My Last Tour Before Christmas!

DC Editor Adam writes…

It's a tough time of year trying to pack everything in to a tight schedule – which means that those of you joining me on the Hidden London tour with London Walks this morning at 11a.m will also be joining me as I finish the Christmas shopping! We'll be calling in on Porterford butchers just off historic Bow Lane in the City while I pick up the turkey…

Porterford Butcher

I blog about Porterford every year - my favourite butcher shop in London.

I'm blogging this on Christmas Eve 2018 this before shooting out to lead the Hidden London tour at 11a.m. And I'm looking forward to calling in or Porterford on the route of today's tour. It's often like a party in there, the guys are always cheery and helpful. When they shut the door tonight for Christmas, they can do so safe in the knowledge that they've put in a helluva shift.

A couple of years ago my daughter joined me in picking up the turkey for the first time, and as we left, she said, "It's really Chrsitmassy in there, they're really really nice!"

High praise given that Isobella is (cover your ears, Porterfords) a vegetarian!

I'm prepared to wager that had the born-again Ebenezer Scrooge been aware of Porterford, then he would have despatched his boy here for Bob Cratchit’s Christmas turkey.

The knowledgeable Porterford chaps are old school, very keen to tell you all about their wares, give you cooking tips and suggestions and fill you in on the origins of their goods.

They also do excellent takeaway food at lunchtime all the year round.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Porterford Butcher, 72 Watling Street, London EC4

Join me on the Hidden London tour at 11am today. Meet at Monument tube Fish Street Hill exit.

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