Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Walk It Off!

DC Editor Adam writes…

I'm up on my hind legs and leading THREE London Walks tours tomorrow (Thursday 27th December 2018). here are the details, booking links and step-counts for all three tours…

Inside Covent Garden

Meet at Covent Garden Tube 10.00a.m

The West End revealed - looking beyond the shops and chain caf├ęs to the rich history of London's playground. Where possible, we'll take in a few interiors, too.

Tour ends in Trafalgar Square

Old Westminster

Meet at Westminster tube (exit 4) 2:00p.m

1,000 years of history. Famous Westminster blended with a treasure trove of "backstage" details.

Tour ends at Westminster tube.

Jack the Ripper

Meet at Tower Hill Tube by the tram 7.30pm

The word's most enduring crime story – social history, conspiracy and gruesome murder make for an intense night.

Tour ends at Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street station.

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