Thursday, 31 January 2019

Winter Walking – The Post-Ramble Detox Bath

DC Editor Adam writes…

Outside in all weathers as a London Walks guide, I know a thing or two about battling the cold weather.

In this short series I'm sharing my winter weather tips with you lovely London Walkers, a hardy bunch who join me rain or sleet in the winter months.

In this post I'm sharing tips on how to unwind AFTER a winter walk.

And no, it's not with a large dram (!) see the "healthy" bit, above.*

How's THAT for a craven attempt to try and please everyone?)

A Detox Bath

You will need…

A couple of big cups of Epsom Salts

A spoon of baking soda

A few drops of camphor oil (no more than 10 drops)

A few drops of cedarwood oil (no more than 10 drops)

Some grated fresh ginger*

(*You can use powdered ginger if you don't have fresh, but it does tend to make much more of a gritty mess in the bath!)

Pour the Epsom Salts into the bath under the running tap, ditto the baking soda, then grate the fresh ginger into the water. Just before getting into the bath, add the oils. Make the bath as hot as you can.

The Epsom Salts - magnesium sulphate – will draw out toxins and helps muscles and nerves function properly.

The baking soda soothes windblown skin.

The camphor clears the head and the cedarwood, while also being a relaxant, soothes the aching joints.

Ooh, I'm getting all new-age-y and hippie-ish. But before I get too carried away, a couple of practicalities:

Drink a big glass of water before - and during, if poss - bathing.

This is not one for first thing in the morning, or for those about to operate heavy machinery. The effect is drowsy-making and nicely spacey. Plus, it shouldn't be rushed - take half-an-hour to soak.

You will need to shower-off afterward - this is a soak, not a wash and you will have bits of ginger in your hair!

No time for  bath like this? Then a simple hot towel is the thing for you…

Take a clean flannel, soak it then wring it out to the extent that it is still quite moist but not sopping wet. Roll it like this…

… and pop it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

Tip: DON'T set the microwave to full power. And if you choose to use essential oils such as eucalyptus (which you would apply to the dry towel) then be VERY careful when pressing the towel around the eyes.

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