Thursday, 24 January 2019

Pavement Testing Fitness Apps No.3: Map My Walk

DC Editor Adam writes…

This week on The Daily Constitutional I'm revisiting some step-counting apps. Many of you will be using a step counter app as part of your January fitness regime. I'm out-and-about most days, up on my hind legs leading tours so here are a few road/pavement test results to help when you're trying to find the right app for you…

Today I'm sharing my experience with Map My Walk

Back to Basics

This one was recommended to me by London Walker Rebecca P from Perth WA…

As discussed earlier in this series, what I need from a step counter is something that can be switched on AND off

I want to measure the individual routes of my London Walks – I'm curious about the health benefits for starters. But I'm sometimes asked at the start of my tours, "How far will we be walking?" I just think that being able to reply, "1.37 miles/2.2 Kilometers," is a better answer than "Oh, not very far."

Besides, it's handy info for a London tour guide to have at his fingertips – time and distance stats.

Map My Walk is as fancy or as simple as you want it to be

It has GPS mapping facilities and a setting to play your favourite music while walking. There are a number of features that can be "unlocked" by paying for the premium app - such as weather conditions – but the app works perfectly well on the basic, free download.

Each individual walk - or workout as its termed in the app – can be recorded, stored and shared to social media if you so choose. The stats are presented really clearly.

The only thing preventing me from ditching my current app of choice, iSteps, is familiarity. My current app works well and is easy to use. But if the developers of iSteps were ever to abandon the app again - as they did for a period last year, rendering it useless with the new OS – then this would be my first stop for a substitute.

Versatility is the Key

Reasons for adopting this one as your first step counter? In a word, versatility. The basic features are great and there's the option to get your tech geek on with the Premium features should you so choose.

Thanks for the recommendation Rebecca!

Map My Walk gets ★★★★ from me. A GREAT step counter.

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