Monday, 11 March 2019

The Monday Photoblog: London In Red

DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

Monday is ALMOST mute here on The Daily Constitutional. I always launch the week with a few London photos, grouped on a theme or neighbourhood.

This week: Red London…
Yeoman Warders at The Tower

A K2 in Fleet Street – the K2 (K for Kiosk) dates from 1922 - 1929 and was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. This one is post-1926 as it features the crown motif.

The loveliest souvenir book in London

(Pssst. He's not a real guardsman)

Red sentry box at the historic – and haunted –  Grenadier Pub in Belgravia

Portrait of a Lady In Red – Giovanni Battista Moroni about 1556-60 at the National Gallery

Red plaque for The Battle of Cable Street – the British Union of Fascists was stopped in its tracks by the men and women of the East End with the battle cry "They Shall Not Pass!"

The Monday Photoblog will return next week. In the meantime, if you'd like to share a London photo with us, please do! Perhaps you joined Karen or Adam on a tour and snapped a a great shot. Drop us a line.

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