Monday, 6 May 2019

The Monday Photoblog… Hampstead Garden Suburb

DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

Monday is ALMOST mute here on The Daily Constitutional. I always launch the week with a few London photos, grouped on a theme or neighbourhood.

This week: Is Hampstead Garden Suburb London’s loveliest village? Judge for yourselves with our five pictures across all seasons.

Or see for yourself "in the flesh". The Hampstead Garden Suburb walk meets this Sunday 12th May at 10:45a.m. Join your guide outside Golders Green Station. Award-winning Karen Pierce-Goulding is leading…

St Jude's by Lutyens

St Jude's from afar

The Free Church – also by Lutyens

The Monday Photoblog will return soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to share a London photo with me, please do! Perhaps you joined me on a tour and snapped a great shot. Drop me a line.

About Your Guide…


Karen comes trailing clouds of glory. Travel & Leisure crowned her "the world's greatest tour guide." 

She hosts the Canadian television travel show "London Next Stop." 

She won the London Tourist Board's Guide of the Year award.

She is, quite simply, a star turn – which is why she's the "go to" London guide for every major media concern. 

A reformed actress and occasional journalist, her gold standard walks are, needless to say, vivid and entertaining.

She's the author of Royal London.

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