Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Ascot In Numbers

Karen Pierce-Goulding writes…

It was a bit of a bunfight getting in to Windsor Castle on Monday morning this week –  on the first day of the races at Royal Ascot. 

It reminded me of the inimitable Alan Jay Lerner’s take on the English Aristocracy in My Fair Lady 🎼 What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle the Ascot Opening Day! 🎼

Here’s a round-up of Ascot in numbers…

Something in the region of 279,000 people will attend Royal Ascot

Ascot has more private boxes that any other sporting facility in Europe – 222

330 Chefs will be on duty

The Bar Bill:

51,000 bottles of champagne
125,000 glasses of Pimms
174,000 pints of beer

Which will be mopped up by…

5,000 kilos of salmon
7000 Cornish and Folkestone crabs
2,900 lobsters
2,400 kilos of beef sirloin
3,700 rumps of English lamb
10,000 Angus steaks.


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