Sunday, 29 March 2020

Double Board Monopoly!

DC Editor Adam writes…

You’ve never played Monopoly until you’ve played Double Board Monopoly!

It's the work of the very devil!

You will need… two sets of Monopoly. 

To play, simply overlap the boards to create two Free Parking squares and one Go! square. 

Collect £400 as you pass Go! and it’s double the fun!

And it lasts for ABSOLUTELY AGES!

The idea is from Tim Moore’s outstanding book Do Not Pass Go (2003) one of my very favourite London books of all. 

It’s a history of the board game Monopoly running in tandem with an offbeat history of the locations on the board. All the while it never forgets to be an absolutely hilarious and often uplifting travelogue.

There's lots to love about this engaging writer's narrative, but I think best of all is his family rule: winner tidies up the board!

While we are on lockdown it will probably be pretty difficult to get your hands on a second Monopoly board if you don’t have one.

But you can order Tim Moore’s Do Not Pass Go – many bookshops are still operating a postal service (support you local bookshop!). 

Here's Tim Moore's author page at the Penguin website:

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