Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Join Me This Weekend For A Walking Tour!

DC Editor Adam writes…

Here's my schedule for the weekend ahead – join me for a walking tour in the still very quiet streets of London (you will NEVER see the city like this again!) or for a virtual tour. WALKING TOURS are listed in RED, VIRTUAL TOURS are listed in BLUE

Friday 31st July

10am WALKING TOUR Beatlemania!


The Beatles in London 1961-1965


"I thought I knew quite a bit about the Beatles but I came away feeling I'd approached them from a whole new angle."
Simon J, Tripadvisor July 2020

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7pm VIRTUAL TOUR Bob Dylan In 1960s London 

“I highly recommend these tours and plan to take more. If you have any doubts about the virtual tour experience, don't – just go!”

Paul Friend, Google Review July 2020

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Saturday 1st August


10am WALKING TOUR Old Westminster


1,000 years of history hidden in plain sight

“Had an absolutely amazing time on the Old Westminster tour! Lovely atmosphere, extremely informative, and very entertaining!”

Courtnenay Crowe, Google Review July 2020

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Saturday 1st August


7.30pm WALKING TOUR Ghosts of the Old City


Be afraid… be VERY afraid.

"Adam is a superb guide."
TonyaJ, Tripadvisor

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