The Best Fish & Chip Shops In London

One of the most common questions asked by London Walkers is… "Is there a good fish and chip shop nearby?"

The London Walks guides have cogitated and debated, and here are their recommendations…

Please feel free to get your own vinegary fingerprints all over the debate – email us at the usual address or Tweet us @londonwalks and we'll add your suggestions to our list…

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First up to the the plate (!) is London Walks Foodie Guru Ann…

Visitors to Britain often think we have been tucking into fish and chips for centuries – but in fact the first chippie opened in the 1860’s. If you went to a pub in the 1840’s and asked for fried fish, it came with fried bread.

There are two claimants to the title of first ever chippie – one in Oldham, one in London, in Cleveland St. But if you’re looking for the newest, trendiest chippie, try Kerbisher and Malt in Shepherds Bush Rd., described by the Financial Times as ‘the perfect fish and chip shop’. And they’ve just opened a second branch in Ealing.

There are white tiled walls, and a few tables packed out with locals having their fish supper. Buy a takeaway and enjoy those double fried chips, and fish in batter, matzo meal, or just grilled. And add a fennel and dill salad – not your average chippie fare.

Kerbisher & Malt
64 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7PB 
FRI-SAT 12.00-22.00
SUN 12.00-21.00

Kerbisher & Malt (Ealing)
53 New Broadway (Opposite Town Hall), London W5 5AH
MON-THURS 12.00-22.00 
FRI-SAT 11.30-22.30 
SUN 12.00-22.00


Poppies has proven popular. Here's Pepe

There is a new fish and chip shop in Spitalfields, called Poppies, it is 6-8 Hanbury Street. The chips are particularly excellent and they give you a modern day (passed by health and safety) version of newspaper to eat it in. 

I pass it on my monthly Street Art tour. 

From 5th May 2012, the Street Art tour goes every Sunday. More info click HERE


Pepe’s Rep Walk on Street Art has proven so popular that it’s going out every week from the 5th May. See the link above for more details. A savvy local, Pepe's got great connections – knows the scene as well as the artists themselves. It ends at a street artist's studio and gallery.


In the same manner, Nick’s in the same manor…

"Corner of Hanbury Street and Commercial Street for food and d├ęcor."

Nick, a swashbuckling National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, West End stage and silver screen actor (and Jack the Ripper on television!), is an authority on Indian cookery and a professionally qualified Greenwich Guide. Click HERE to listen to Nick guiding in The Painted Hall in Greenwich.


London Walks guide Justin adds…

“Perfect if wanting to avoid meat after a grisly Ripper.”


Justin guides London Walks’ James Bond walks.

Poppies website is here:


Here’s Corinna

Kennedy’s in Goswell Rd is excellent and there is a fish restaurant too.

Kennedy’s website tells us: “Fish has always been a mainstay of the British cuisine and, be it plaice, cod, haddock, you won’t find a more delicious fish dish than at Kennedys. All our fish is fresh from the boat, and never frozen. Deep fried in batter the traditional way is nice, but you also have the option of trying one of the chef’s alternative creations. Perhaps his baked skate wing, or maybe even a squid dish.”

184-186 Goswell Road
London, UK EC1V 7DT

Corinna is a treasurably barking – and ferociously intelligent – Cambridge bluestocking. She's the only well known Royal National Theatre actress who's also a psychrolute!* Most recently she starred in the hit West End play, Copenhagen. She's been known to throw in a song or two on her walks but she leaves her cello at home. Anything else? Yes, she's also a professionally qualified London Guide. *Every single morning of the year. With the ducks. In a Hampstead pond.


The Fryer's Delight at 19 Theobalds Road

Brian says…

Fryers delight on Theobalds Road excellent and recommended by my friends in the medical profession from the nearby hospitals!

Thanks Brian – doctor's orders, no less!

Brian, a professionally qualified Blue Badge Guide, won the London Tourist Board's Guide of the Year Award in 1994. His career has embraced the law, surveying, catering, dispatch riding and art - and the stage may be beckoning.

Richard III adds…

The Fryer's Delight is fantastic. Not expensive. You see the white flesh of the fish go in to the wet batter. No, fish don't swim in the sea with batter already on, contrary to popular (English) belief. It is a translucent white (for fish and chips) fleshy thing with scales when it is “eau” natural.  

Here at the Fryer's Delight which I have been patronising for twenty five years, the batter is slightly moist. Take your f and c out (steady, it only stands for fish and chips) and sit in the gardens of Grays Inn with the barristers and legal clerks or down the cut -through past The Dolphin (not another fish...why?) and sit in Red Lion Square where Harrison struggled with his clocks. The ghosts of Cromwell, Ireton and Bradshaw may nick some of your chips as they plot the downfall of the house of Windsor. I wonder if Elizabeth R likes fish and chips. 

Walk diagonally through Red Lion Square to arrive at Holborn on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in time for Ghosts, Gaslight and Guinness.

Richard III
Richard III, scion of a Lord Mayor of London,  is a writer, actor, director and stand-up comic. And the only London Walks guide to have addressed the United Nations!  


Kevin's opinion…

Fish Central, Central Street is not only a great chippie but also a great fish restaurant.

Rick Stein* adds… "Good Fish and Chips and a simple, clean, Cypriot way with Fish"

* Rick Stein is not a London Walks guide. Yet. 

Fish Central
149-155 Central Street, 
King Square, 


Kevin Flude is a former Museum of London archaeologist, who is now the Director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum. He has enjoyed leading Guided Walks since the late 1970's.


Here's Harry with a hat trick of haddock and hake (!)…

My favourite chippies (I have three, actually) are all popular with cabbies:

1) Seafresh on Wilton Road, Victoria.
2) That one on Theobolds Road that no one ever knows the name. (It’s the Fryer's Delight, scroll up)
3) The North Sea Fish Bar in Leigh Street, Bloomsbury where for a little extra they'll fry your fish in matzo meal.

Bon appetite,

Harry is a Cockney, a Scouser, a character - how could he be otherwise? - and a professionally qualified Blue Badge Guide. He'll be at Whitechapel station this Sunday leading his classic Unknown East End walk.

Julianne also points us to Bloomsbury…

North Sea on Leigh St, Bloomsbury. And if there is a hint of sun grab a chip fork and head over to the "graveyard" park (St Georges, off Handel St) to enjoy.


Julianne leads the Olympic walk on Saturdays


Deep fried in the deep south, here’s Chris

No contest. Superfish Waterloo. Massive portion, prawns (well, three) to start. Full of cabbies.

As a South Londoner, I should recommend Olleys at Herne Hill. Same price to take away as to eat in at Superfish. Their pea fritters are a poem though.

65-67 Norwood Rd, 
SE24 9AA


Chris is a classicist, weaver, and  another professionally qualified Blue Badge and City of London Guide working right at the top of her form. She's very bright and a little bit mischievous. Shake – don't stir - those ingredients and what you get is a lot of fun. Anything else? Yes, this: she could anthem for England with that voice of hers. Lend an ear – here – and you'll, er, see what I mean. Okay, if see is what you want, click here. Which is by way of saying, Chris is the guide who features in the wonderful little video trailer of our Bath Tour.


In deepest, darkest North London, here’s Adam and Andy


My favourite central London chippie has already been covered – Fryer’s Delight on the Theobalds Road. I have been patronizing it for only four years fewer than Richard III (the Fryers Delight and me have been together now for 21 years and it don’t seem a day too long). How Richard keeps the weight off, however, is a secret I’ve yet to crack.

Locally, up here in North London it’s Poseidon for me. Situated on the East Finchley High Road, the freshness of the fish, the crispness and colour of the batter and the fact that they don’t mind taking the skin off my fish (I am picky) before battering keeps me loyal. Nice “sitting in bit” too – 20 different types of fish, no less!

100 - 102 High Road
East Finchley, London
N2 9EB

Andy adds…

My favourite chipper is the award-winning Toffs in Muswell Hill – that’s my “flash” choice. 

For your excellent regular fish and chips, Joe’s Fish Bar at Alexandra Palace (for your regular). When in town, the best is also the most famous:  The Golden Hind, 73 Marylebone Lane north of Oxford Street.

38 Muswell Hill Broadway,
N10 3RT

Andy and Adam are currently working on the first  London Walks podcast – more news soon.


David weighs in with…

Come on, we gotta get Sea Shell into this catch. How good is it? Well, we've got an "everybody's favourite" up our way - Nautilus on West End Lane - but I'll always go the extra mile for Sea Shell. (It's actually the lesser mile for tourists because it's on Lisson Grove, effectively the edge of central London; precise direx not needed because you can Internet it - suffice it to say just triangulate Baker Street and Edgware Road stations and hey presto you've got it.)

And what an "it". Has a small attached restaurant - and indeed tables outside the takeaway bit - if you want the best f & c in London then and there. It's appealingly bright and spic 'n' span, let alone aura'd with hail-fellow-well met-ness steaming off your fellow fishers of fish and chips (surely because everybody in that queue - yes, queue, another sure sign - knows they're just minutes away from a feast). A taxi rank's worth of black cabs out front. Which also tells you all you need to know. 

The secret's in the batter and the oil they fry it in. I dunno what magic formula they've hit on - bet they wouldn't tell even if I asked - but whatever it is, it's perfection achieved. Golden. Crisp. Unoil-drenched. An ahhhhhhhh aroma, as opposed to the grease-and-goop "brace yourself" variety -  that stale, oily, "yukky fish and chips-smell" so many of them are branded with.

And they do the classic f & c sidebars - gherkins, pickled onions, homemade tartar sauce to d. for, etc.

Been going there for 40 years. Yup, the big Four Oh - how long I've been going there and how long they've been there. 

Call me, Ahab. Which makes Sea Shell you know what.

The Seashell
49-51 Lisson Grove,

Tel: 0207 224 9000

The Seashell's website is at


And here's a London Walker's suggestion…

Daily Constitutionalist alfinch joins the Great London Chip Shop debate, emailing with his suggestion, simply stating:

The Lighthouse on Wanstead High Street.

Thanks for the tip alfinch! The Lighthouse does indeed look like an old-school, no-nonsense chip shop, traditional British chippie. We’ll definitely be checking it out next time we’re out east.

The Lighthouse
8 Clock House Parade
High Street 
E11 2AG

Happy eating! And remember… you can walk off the calories on a London Walk!

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